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Today, people are optimistic to their special events and more companies are hosting events locally. Anytime people gather, regardless of their purpose, someone is needed to oversee the details to ensure the event (no matter how large or small), is a success. We at RUM Events Management Services have complete understanding of the importance of timing, coordination, and countless other details that go into planning events.

RUM Events Management Services is a full-service event planning company that provides complete planning, consulting, and supervision for both corporate and social events. RUM Events Management Services provides its clients with spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences. Whether the event is corporate or social, RUM Events Management Services incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event a most elegant, unique, and memorable experience.

To assure the most spectacular event of a client’s choice, businesses are reaching to us to effectively plan and conduct their events. Our services are designed to meet their creative needs as well.


Corporate events can include, but are not limited to the examples listed below:

Charity Events     

Company Team Building   

Holiday Parties     

Business Meetings

Social events can include, but are not limited to the examples listed below:
Theme Parties      


Kid Events            

Birthday Parties          



Roselyn Acuna Traje

Proprietor-Event Manager


Roselyn began her career in the event industry as freelance Event Coordinator for a wedding and holiday parties of a starting companies for several years. In addition to being a Certified Management & Event Specialist, she holds her BA in Business Administration. The years and diversity of experience in the event industry, she decided to start her own Event Management together with two of her close friends. – RUM Events Management Services

In the realm of creating unforgettable moments and seamless experiences, event management plays a pivotal role in bringing dreams to life. Behind the curtains of every perfectly orchestrated event, whether it's a celebratory extravaganza, a corporate gathering, or a heartwarming wedding, stand visionary individuals who craft these occasions with finesse and innovation. This introduction sheds light on the CEOs and founders who have pioneered in the domains of Event Management, Birthday Events, Holiday Events, Corporate Event Management, and Wedding.


Umesh Sethumadhavan

Production Manager


Introducing Production Manager: Shaping Remarkable Corporate Experiences and Brands In the dynamic realm of corporate event management and branding, a visionary leader stands at the helm, orchestrating unforgettable experiences and shaping the very essence of brands. It is with great pride that we introduce our esteemed Production Manager, a luminary who has redefined the landscape of corporate events and branding with innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a passion for crafting immersive and impactful events, Umesh has been a driving force behind our company's ascent to becoming a distinguished name in the industry. Their journey began with a deep-seated belief in the power of events as transformative platforms for forging connections, fostering collaborations, and leaving indelible impressions. Guided by this vision, they embarked on a path that led to the creation of RUM EVENTS, an entity dedicated to curating corporate events that transcend expectations and leave participants inspired. As the Production Manager, Umesh brings to the table an unparalleled blend of strategic prowess and creative ingenuity. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of the nuances that underpin successful events, they oversee the entire production process with a meticulous approach. From conceptualization to execution, every facet of an event bears the hallmark of their visionary touch. It is this holistic approach that has earned them a reputation for delivering seamless, engaging, and impactful events time and again. Moreover, Umesh is not confined solely to the realm of events; their influence extends seamlessly into the realm of corporate branding. Recognizing that a brand is more than just a logo or a tagline, they have championed the cause of holistic branding, where every touchpoint reflects the essence of the brand's identity. Their insights have guided companies in shaping brand narratives that resonate deeply with their target audience, resulting in lasting brand loyalty and recognition. With a portfolio spanning a spectrum of industries and a reputation that speaks volumes, Umesh continues to be the driving force behind RUM Events Management Services success. Their unwavering dedication to transforming corporate events into immersive experiences and brands into captivating stories has set new benchmarks in the industry.


Maricel Sarmiento Eyana

Content Coordinator


Weaving Creativity into Seamless Experiences In the dynamic and captivating world of event management, where every detail plays a pivotal role in crafting memorable experiences, the role of a Content Coordinator emerges as an indispensable force. Rooted at the intersection of creativity and meticulous planning, Maricel is the mastermind behind curating, developing, and executing the narrative tapestry that binds events together. With an innate ability to transform concepts into captivating stories, this role transcends traditional boundaries, infusing life into events through thoughtfully crafted content strategies. In this introduction, we delve into the multifaceted realm of the Content Coordinator within the context of event management, exploring the significance they hold in orchestrating seamless, immersive, and unforgettable occasions. Join us as we uncover the art of harmonizing creativity and organization, and discover how the Content Coordinator sets the stage for moments that linger in memory long after the curtains have fallen.

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